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We're not just here for app support, but are open to any queries you think we could help you with.

You're welcome to contact us by email or alternatively find us on Twitter or Facebook.

Frequently Asked Questions :

Q. Will the app be available for Android?
Certainly will. It's work in progress and should be with you around October. If we discover any bugs we'll hang into it for a bit longer for the benefit of your pleasure and safety.

Q. Is this an app form of a simple guide book?
Some areas are, but the interactive mapping, route guides, and various algorithms are a lot more sophisticated than that.

Q. Will there be other mountains added?
Yes there will. We are working towards it, but can't be more specific on when, where or how many. We want to ensure quality over quantity. We also hope that with the right kit preparation and navigation practice you'll feel confident to head out on your own.

Q. Can we pick the plants detailed in the Mountain Plants section?
The law is quite complex, but we encourage everyone to support the Countryside Code which goes beyond legal requirements. This politely requests you don't damage, destroy, or remove plants as they provide food for wildlife and add to everybody's enjoyment of the countryside.

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