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Did you know the mountains are full of carnivorous, bug eating plants?

That a cooking accident contributed to the first ascent of Everest in 1953?

Or that a team of removal men once carried a piano up Ben Nevis . . . just for a laugh?!

In the mountains it rains . . . a LOT!

You can either be tough and get out there . . . or take refuge in a coffee shop, eat cake, and pull faces at the clouds through a steamed up window!

Now there's an equally fun alternative . . . but you'll still want cake!

Mountain Steps UK contains literally dozens of short articles on the amazing, the wonderful, and the downright stupid! In fact, there's a whole book's worth to keep you going, all because in the mountains it rains . . . a LOT!

All topics are mountain related and include :

  • Food and drink
  • Tragedy and survival
  • Plants and their uses
  • Mountain birds
  • Extreme climbers
  • Mountain races
  • Weird and spooky
  • and LOADS more!

(Rain not essential)

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